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I'm going to be away from home September 9-24, October 10-17, and October 27-November 1. When I am home, I'll be trying to catch up! And I still haven't done the revised lists of stuff that I wanted to upload last year; also, I still need to do some behind-the-scenes maintenance. (Not that it'll make the site look any better; it won't.)

Should you find something of interest on these old lists, PLEASE go ahead and send me an e-mail. I'll respond as soon as I can, in the order in which e-mails were received. The first person who asks about an item gets first pick at it! Thanks.

Hello, and welcome to my web site! My name is Dean Ogle. I've been an active railfan and timetable collector for fifty years, and worked for the railroad for over 40 of them. In that time, I accumulated timetables, books, and other railroadiana that no longer fits into my personal collection.

Like many collectors, I used to prepare a printed list of surplus material every so often. First you inventoried, followed by days or weeks spent typing. Over to Kinkos, get 100 copies ($$$$$) and mail 50 or 60 out (more $$$). A flood of orders would come in all at once! When they were filled, you were left with 40 copies of a list that had more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Thanks to databases and the internet, those days are over!

No fancy graphics, no animated Java scripts, just timetables and other railroadiana, some magazines, some transit tokens and maps, some road and street maps - take a look! You never know what you might find.

As information, other than items for my personal collection, I am not interested in buying material at this time.

To get started, please view the general information and how to order page. (last revised October 29, 2015). Then use your browser's BACK button to return to this page and

These are fairly large files (up to 250 KB), so they may take a few moments to download if you have a slower modem. Please be patient - the wait will be worth it. Should you wish to view these files off-line, I'd suggest you save them as HTML files and use your browser (except for the PDF file).

If you have any questions or see something of interest, please send me an e-mail. And don't forget to bookmark this page - I am adding new items from time to time as I get caught up. If you should find a EEK! A bug! in these pages, I'd appreciate your letting me know about it. Believe it or not, I code these pages by hand. (And I can barely do HTML, never mind XHTML or CSS!)

Thanks for looking! Please click here to see some other railroad-related sites you might enjoy visiting!

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